DIVORCE! How to Avoid Housing Mistakes

Thursday Jan 30th, 2020


HOW TO AVOID COSTLY HOUSING MISTAKES IN THE MIDST OF A DIVORCE! During a divorce there are many emotional and financial decisions to be made. It's always a good idea to get professional advise to make those tough decisions easier. You have 4 basic housing options: Retain Your Ownership - Do you want to continue living in your home? Will the surroundings give you comfort or will they give you  unpleasant memories?  Some couples Retain Joint Ownership temporarily... [read more]


Friday Oct 18th, 2019


IS IT A BUYER'S OR SELLER'S MARKET IN DURHAM? Should I Buy or Sell First?  The sellers answer depends on your personal circumstances. Take a look at the examples below to decide what might be right for you. EXAMPLE 1  If it's a sellers market. If you are in a seller's market you would want to buy first since finding the right home to purchase will likely take more time than it will to sell. You would also have to consider the transaction that would take the... [read more]


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